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Farm owners know the potential risks that come from inclement weather. At Eccher & Associates Insurance Agency, we’ll make sure you stay protected. We’ve helped farmers in Millstadt, IL, for over 24 years and have the expertise, knowledge, and resources needed to find affordable and comprehensive coverage. 

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Commercial/ Property Liability

Beyond fires, droughts, and storm damages, farms also risk lawsuits. When you choose our farm insurance plan, you’ll benefit from commercial and property liabilities. If there are any damages to your property (excluding fencing), you’ll also be covered. Our insurance agents will work with you and your farm’s needs to ensure you get the additional coverage you need to safeguard your business and your property. 

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Personal Liability

Eccher & Associates Insurance Agency offers personal liability umbrella coverages. In the event of you or an employee being injured, this coverage will provide financial reimbursements to help cover medical payments, legal fees, and other damages on the property. 

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Auto Equipment & Grain

Avoid costly repairs and replacements when you secure your crops, livestock, business vehicle, and farming equipment with a personalized farm insurance policy. If any stored grain is damaged, this additional coverage will give you the reimbursement you need to replace it. Note that crops growing on the property are not covered. When you schedule your consultation with our insurance agency, we’ll find the best policy for you based on what equipment, livestock, and stored goods you have on your farm.

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