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Find your policy at Eccher & Associates Insurance Agency. Our family-owned agency has served individuals in Millstadt, IL, since 1996, and we’re committed to getting the best deals and coverage for our clients. Whether you need detailed auto insurance plans or protection for your home, we’re an agency you can trust.  

What We Offer

Our insurance agency offers homeowners, life, health, retirement, and auto insurance policies for individuals, as well as specialized policies for boats, motorcycles, ATVs, and RVs/campers. We are an independent agency, which means we can don’t commit to just one insurance carrier. As a multi-licensed insurance agency, we have relationships with carriers all over the United States, which allows us to find the best deals on plans designed to meet your needs.

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Types of Coverage

Eccher & Associates Insurance Agency provides comprehensive insurance policies designed to safeguard you, your vehicle, your property, and your assets. 

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Auto Insurance


  • Bodily Injury to Others
  • Personal Injury Protection
  • Uninsured Motorist
  • Medical Payments
  • Collision
  • Substitute Transportation
  • Towing & Labor
  • Underinsured Motorist
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Homeowners Insurance

  • Personal Belongings
  • Additional Living Expenses
  • Legal Liability
  • Property Damage Protection (including other structures or buildings on your property)
  • Home Replacement Guarantee
Business Auto Insurance

Retirement Plans

Retirement planning is essential to securing a level of comfort for you and your family when you retire. The most important steps to a happy retirement are saving and investing your money. After working for a long time, a big rest is exactly what you need. Whether you want to travel, pick up a new hobby, or just relax in your retirement, it's important to plan for those “golden years.”

We can help you plan for your retirement years with a wide variety of investment vehicles and insurance products as shown below:

  • IRAs
  • Traditional IRA
  • Roth IRA
  • Simple IRA
  • Annuities
  • 401(k)
  • Long-Term Care

Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to insurance policies, you may feel overwhelmed by technical terms and policy details. We’ve created this helpful FAQ, but if you can’t find answers to your questions, we’ll be happy to provide assistance during your consultation.

Q: When purchasing auto insurance, what should I consider?

A: Our insurance agents will ensure you receive the coverage you need for your vehicle. We recommend that you look closely at factors such as service and claim response instead of focusing on the price of the plan. You should consider liability coverage and any additional coverages, which our agents will explain during your appointment.

Q: Does my insurance policy cover a friend if I loan him/her my car?

A: Yes, your plan will cover your friend.

Q: What is collision physical damage coverage?

A: Collision is the loss you incur in a car accident with another vehicle or object (telephone pole, tree, etc.)

Q: What is comprehensive physical damage coverage?

A: This coverage provides financial assistance for direct vehicle damage losses, including hailstorm damage.

Q: How can I lower my auto insurance rates?

A: As an independent insurance agency, we look for competitive pricing options and will provide you with comparative rates. Another way to lower your rates is by changing your deductible. If you raise your deductible, you can lower the cost of your policy by almost 10 percent, but you must be able to pay your deductible in the event of a claim. You may also qualify for discounts with certain insurance carriers. There are a wide variety of factors, but we strive to find the most affordable plan for our clients

A: This insurance provides protection in the case of property damage and personal liability.

Q: What is replacement cost?

A: A replacement cost is a reimbursement to the policy owner. This reimbursement is to help the property owner replace any damaged property.

Q: Should I purchase earthquake coverage?

A: Earthquake coverage is not included in standard homeowners insurance plans. If you live in an area that is prone to frequent earthquakes, we recommend adding this additional coverage, which will protect you from damages from earthquakes, landslides, and volcanic eruptions.

Q: Should I purchase flood coverage?

A: If your property lies in a flood plain, it is recommended that you purchase this coverage.

Q: How much life insurance should an individual own?

A:  It’s a typical rule that life insurance should be equal to six to eight times your annual earnings. There are other factors that may determine this amount. Our insurance agents will be happy to work with you.

Q: Should I purchase life insurance for a spouse or child?

A: It is not necessary. The owner of any life insurance policy should be the family breadwinner.

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